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    Please stay in your car and have the correct amount of money ready or pay by check to NPVFD.

  • Georgia Peach Fundraiser

    For superior quality, we have upgraded to Pearson's Best Premium Grade Peaches this year!
    Place your online order today. Pickup is scheduled for June 26-27 at the New Point Volunteer Fire Department.


    • Full Box $37.00
      Approximately 25 lbs.


      One-Layer Tray $25.00
      Approximately 15 lbs.


      • Super Fresh! Hand-harvested just before you receive them!
      • Super Sweet! A genuine tree-ripened peach, left to hang in the Southern sun.
      • Super Flavor! Grown in the Georgia red clay under the perfect climate.

      TIPS: How To Care For Your Peaches

    • Peaches from Pearson Farm

      Pearson Farm logo

      Since 1890 and for 5 generations, Pearson Farm has been growing the finest peaches Georgia has to offer.  They farm the same soil today their great-great grandfather farmed over 120 years ago.  The traditions of growing sweet Georgia peaches has been handed down from generation to generation and they would love for you to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Enjoy!

    • Top 5 Ways to Use a Box of Peaches

      1. Grab a peach, rinse it and sink your teeth in (prepare for juice to run down your chin and arm!)
      2. Slice up the peach and use in a cobbler recipe…or throw them on the grill!
      3. Cut up the peaches, fresh freeze them and use them later
      4. Slice them up, dehydrate and use for a power snack
      5. Put a few peaches in a bag and walk them over to your neighbor’s house…you’ll be amazed at your reception!
    • Genuine Georgia Peach Attributes

      • Variety: July Prince, August Prince, Various
      • Type: Freestone (meat slices off of the seed)
      • Size: Approximately 2 ¾ – 3 inch in diameter
      • Safety: All-natural, 100% Certified Food Safe
      • Nutrition: High in Vitamin A & C, Fiber, Potassium